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  1. Praying …..keep me posted ….we are praying

  2. Michael Burdick says:

    I had a most interesting experience when you visited us at RCCC in WV. As you preached your sermon on Peter that morning, the idea of “prayer walking” Los Vagas came to my mind and was laid out crystal clear. Then, that night, in the middle of the prayer time/sermon, I just had to draw it out to give it to you. Yeah, that was me. Then I presented it to you in the middle of the prayer time (I never go up front to pray with the speaker so that in itself is unusual). Then you started talking about prayer walking and I thought “bullseye!” this guy has the same idea I do even if he doesn’t do it the way I suggested! It was very exciting to me. But there’s more.

    I began to think about how glorious it would be to do it. It was like I was there! I thought “what a wonderful thing it would be if God called me to do such work–even if it was only temporarily–just to go and be a part of laying the foundation of prayer.” I even mentioned it to my wife. I thought about how many times I’ve been longing to go “out west” recently. I felt as if God were already calling me. But I don’t give over to thoughts like this quite so easily as I am naturally spontaneous about such things and it can get one into big trouble if it’s not of the Lord. Besides, I’m tied down here with a wife, a home and a business. Of course, those are all just details God works out if He calles you so I lift such things up to the Lord and keep moving. I trust Him to guide my steps.

    Now in order to explain what happened next, I must tell you I was feeling critical about your sermon. I didn’t really like your repetitive style and I’ve heard the “Get out of the boat” sermon numerous times. I just didn’t want to hear it again. Besides, things kept coming to my mind as you gave it that made me see it differently. Things like:
    “We got out of the boat when we were saved–we are already walking on the water we just don’t always know it.”
    And, “Peter got out of the boat because he was commanded to do so–he was commanded to do so because he doubted who was walking on the water. He put Jesus to the test, ‘IF you are the Lord command me to walk on the water.’
    Peter didn’t start sinking for lack of faith, he started sinking because he got distracted.
    Jesus asked, ‘Why did you doubt’ not because Peter began sinking but because he didn’t believe Him when he said ‘It is I, be not afraid’.
    And, “This sermon would be much better preached from the angle of “you’re out of the boat, act like it!” than a sermon which comes at you with the presumption you’re not living up to your potential (even if you aren’t).

    So to me the whole premise of the sermon was off and as far as I can tell, always is when it is preached the way you preached it. “And besides” I thought, “who is this guy to challenge all of us to get out of the boat? How does he know where we are in our walk–oh, great, another evangelist thinking everybody should be doing what he’s doing and if they aren’t, they’re falling short.”

    Still, I could tell by the testimony you gave you were definitely the man God had called to plant this church and in that I most sincerely rejoiced in the Lord for you! God is my witness.

    After the evening service I was still buzzing about the idea of being called to Vegas to do the prayer walk plan I gave you. And then, as I thought more about it, I started getting distracted by a lot of “what if’s” that might be involved and all the details of actually going through with it. By the time I was done, I was literally frightened God might actually call me!

    Suddenly, it hit me. I realized, “I just did what Peter did. . .at least in my mind. . .I got out of the boat in faith, took a few steps, got distracted by the fearful possabilities and details and down I went!” I really had to laugh at myself and praise God for the way He put me through the paces of your sermon even if some of my points may (or may not) have been valid. It once again confirmed Gods call on your life to this work and reminded me we need to come to church as supplicants, not critics.

    I hope this encourages you all the more in your ministry, and I pray no matter what method you use to “cast a net of prayer” over the city, the Lord will show Himself through you and those He draws to you to overthrow the principalities and powers and lead many (all!) captives of the enemy to the freedom of Christ. Grace and peace be with you, In Jesus name Amen.

    • dbearley says:

      Thank you for sharing a little bit of your journey. Your prayers and story are encouraging to us as we travel out there. One of the greatest and most neglected weapons we have as Christians is prayers–and we are extremely thankful for yours. Keep seeking the Lord; He will use you wherever you’re at, whether or not that’s in Vegas. We’ll be there if you ever come on out.

      Grace City Admin

  3. Michael Burdick says:

    And when I evisioned to plan for “casting the net” I meant walking, not driving.

  4. Michael Burdick says:

    While it does not appear I can go myself, I’d like to encourage everyone who has google earth to do a “viritual” prayer walk through the city. Google earth is easy to download, fun to use and the power of prayer does not come from our physical presence but from our Lord who answers them.

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