Grace City Chirch

July 1, 2011

Do very hard things in really tough places so God gets all the glory!!

After much prayer and counting of the cost Cathy and I want to share that we are accepting God’s gracious invitation to partner with Him in making disciples by moving to Las Vegas, Nevada to launch Grace City Church.

Our prayer is that we can spend the rest of our lives doing very hard things in a really tough place so God gets all the glory! We want to see the church that Jesus builds kick down the gates of hell.  

One of the hardest things I can think of doing is starting a new church from scratch. One of the toughest, “gates of hell” places I can think of is “Sin City” – Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Las Vegas area has 2 million people yet only 4.5% of the population call themselves Evangelical Protestants. In Las Vegas there are 275 Evangelical Protestant churches – 1 church per every 7,275 persons.

The area where we are looking to plant, ironically known as Paradise, includes the notorious Las Vegas Strip, the campus of UNLV and the nearby neighborhoods to the east of the Strip.

Our passion is to plant a church that is highly devoted to prayer and leadership development. We hope to cooperate with God in raising an army of young radicals for Jesus who will take the gospel all over the world or die trying. We want to establish an intense learning lab for future church planters, pastors and missionaries.

Yes, from a certain perspective what we are doing is crazy. But in light of eternity and the need, we would be crazy to do anything else.

So with all that said, we ask that you would please pray for us. The financial challenges of doing this are staggering. The level of spiritual darkness in Paradise is oppressive. The need is overwhelming.

We are asking for daily prayer partners. We also need some of you to become “Aarons and Hurs” who will make interceding for us a major part of your life.  We need you to pray that God will open doors for us so that the message of the Lord may spread rapidly through Paradise.

Please reply if you have questions or if you want more information about praying for the Grace City Church, are interested in receiving our newsletter, would consider financially supporting this venture, or becoming a part of our team.

You can check out our website at

Yours for Eternity,

Dave and Cathy Earley


2 Responses to Grace City Chirch

  1. Debbie Biggs says:

    My husband and I are interested in your ministry and would like to receive your newsletter. My daughter, Caroline Biggs, really enjoyed your Evangelism class at LU and thinks highly of you. Our son was attending LU also but just moved to Las Vegas where his fiancee (whom he met on a missions trip to Hungary) and her family live. It truly is a spiritually dark city, as is our former home, Portland, OR. We just moved here from Portland 2 months ago. It is very refreshing to be here, and to be recharged spiritually. I heard about your church plant in Las Vegas via a seminary student named Zach and since my son was moving there I was (and am) interested. Perhaps my husband and I could help there when we are visiting our son. I have also told our son, Paul, about the church plant. He has played electric and acoustic guitar in church worship bands and perhaps in the future he could have a part in helping plant the church.
    I have a burden to pray for the students at LU. I believe there is great spiritual potential there, and Satan does not want those students to be all that they can be for Christ. I am well aware that there is spiritual warfare in Lynchburg, and in Las Vegas. I will be praying for your church plant and would like to partner with you in that way.
    God bless your ministry!
    Debbie Biggs

  2. Dave Earley says:

    So nice to hear from you. I do remember your daughter Caroline.
    I cannot tell you how much i appreciate your prayers.
    Have your son check out our website and see what he thinks. It is he is interested we would love to talk with him


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