By Dave Earley

Two months ago, we challenged our congregation to PUSH: Pray Until Something Happens. The components of PUSH consist of eight action steps discussed over the eight weeks.

1.     List seven specific prayer requests that you believe the Father wants to give you (Luke 11:1-10).

2.     Persistently intercede for family members including children, siblings, and parents (Matthew 15:22-28).

3.     Actively believe the power of prayer to save cities (Genesis 18:2-32), nations (Psalms 106:23), and the lost.

4.     Deal with the issues that often cause our prayers to go unanswered – selfishness (James 4:3); the sovereign mystery of God (Is. 55:8-9); unbelief (Mark 11:20-24; Matt. 17:18-21; Romans 10:17); a lack of forgiveness (Matthew 6:14-15; Mark 11:24-25); and unresolved sin (Isaiah 59:1-2; Psalm 66:18; John 9:31; Proverbs 28:9;Isaiah 1:15;  1 John 3:21-22).

5.     Understand the role of spiritual warfare to hinder our prayers (Daniel 10:12-13) and fight back with fasting (Daniel 10:2-3).

6.     Don’t be afraid to ask God for personal blessing and expanded spheres of ministry influence (1 Chron. 4:10; Gen. 32:26).

7.     Practice acknowledging sin as an element in revival (1 John 1:9; Prov. 28:13; James 5:16).

8.     Initiate the power of praise before the answer comes (2 Chronicles 20:20-24).

On the last Sunday of PUSH, we gave our people a chance to come to the mic and share a one minute testimony of how God had answered. It was powerful! People got jobs. Lost souls were saved. Relationships were reconciled and prodigal family members returned home. Plus, God even did the unexpected including:

·       Steve shared how God had lead him to start an after school Bible Club in Eldorado High School where he teaches.  They not only obtained the principal’s permission, but they had a room full of kids tearfully seeking God.

·       After Steve, Randy came and told how he did not know that Steve even taught at Eldorado, let alone had started a Bible Club. Yet, on Randy’s PUSH list was the request that God do something at his old high school … Eldorado! Steve’s testimony of God moving at that school showed him that even though he did not realize it, God was already answering his prayer!

·       Kelly told how God had answered in the life of her husband and her son. Beyond that, God had used her to see a homeless man healed during the Sunday morning homeless feed!

·       11 year-old Cierra told how she had asked God to save 30 people during outreach week. God topped that, as 35 were saved!

·       Audrey rejoiced that the Lord had answered all seven of her requests! He freed her of years of fear and bitterness. Moreover, in addition to God giving her $6,000 for her medical bills, he also worked in the lives of each of her adult children. One came home and told her he wanted to give up using drugs and turn his life around. An estranged daughter moved back to Vegas to be near Audrey. Another got his work schedule changed so he could bring his family to church. Then, out of the blue, another estranged daughter knocked on Audrey’s door to see her!

·       Graham and Rachel were asking God for $4,400 for an upcoming mission trip. As they prayed, they felt led to ask for $300 extra. When they tallied up the money that had come in, it totaled … $4,700!

·       Scott shared how he had been praying for God to move in the lives of the middle school students to whom he ministers. Eleven were saved in one night!

·       Chris had not been used of the Lord to see anyone saved in quite a while. During PUSH, he led five people to Jesus!

·       Joe needed a job and financial help. During the last week of PUSH, God gave him both!

·       Mickael also needed a full-time job.  She asked specifically for a fulltime job with a specific amount of pay and benefits provided for free. She got all three!

·       Shane had been asking God to get paid for playing music. During PUSH, he got a paid to play a show and invited back to play regularly!

·       Mike asked for customers for the new business he had started or for a full-time job to provide for his family. He got both…the very first week of PUSH!

·       Buford shared how he never had enough money to last a whole month. At the end of every month, he ended up asking family members and others to bail him out. God gave him a paid, part-time ministry job working at our Outreach Center. Last month, for the first time in recent history, he barely had more than enough at the end of the month. He was thrilled!


May reading these testimonies encourage you to make your own list of seven and

PUSH: Pray Until Something Happens!


About dbearley

Dr. Dave Earley is the Lead Pastor at Grace City Church in Las Vegas, NV. Prior to pastoring in Las Vegas, he taught at Liberty University for 5 years. Before Liberty University, Dave was the founding sr. pastor of the New Life Church of Gahanna-Columbus, Ohio. New Life started in his basement with 12 people and grew to nearly 2,000 in weekly attendance with over 100 small groups. (www.enewlife.com). New Life has intentionally sent out five healthy daughter churches since 1999. Dave, and his wife, Cathy, have three highly active sons, Daniel, Andrew, and Luke, who will all be graduating from Liberty University in May, 2011.
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