By Dave Earley

Jesus commanded His disciples to make disciples who make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20). They obeyed that command by starting a church (Acts 2:41-47). Therefore, as we trace the steps of the first Christ followers, we too must make disciples who start churches.


Grace city church planting center

Recently, Grace City Church was approved as the Southwest Regional Center of the Liberty Church Planting Network. As such, we are the conduit for high quality assessment, training, coaching and funding for church pioneers. As a movement committed to multiplication, we are excited to be able to see God using this partnership to help us train disciples who start new churches and multiply the gospel. We call this new aspect of our School of Ministry the CPX (the Church Planting Experience).


Liberty Church Planting Network (LCPN) is a network of pastors and churches who partner together to start new churches in the United States and around the world. LCPN’s passion is “Changing the world by planting churches.” LCPN has been used of God to plant 1000 new churches in the US since 1980. In the last three years, LCPN has help plant over 100 churches in the US and over 1000 internationally.



Grace City and LCPN have also recently linked with the Launch Group to provide effective assessment, training, and coaching for church planters. Recently, Dr. Tom Swanner (Coordinator of our Grace City Bible Experience), Richard Thompson (Director of our School of Ministry) and myself completed several days of intensive training with Launch’s CLO, Mac Lake. We are now certified to train church planters using the Launch Training System.


Launch was founded by Brian Bloye of Westridge Church ( Their excellent training system was developed by Mac Lake. The Launch Training system is based on personal interaction using ten adult training techniques to guide potential planters through twelve essential leadership competencies. These include:

  1. Identify & confirm a passionate sense of calling
  2. Master the discipline of leading yourself
  3. Identify the needs of your community & develop an intentional strategy to meet them
  4. Cast a clear and compelling vision for your church plant
  5. Lead from a bold faith that takes prayerful risks
  6. Evaluate your values & integrate them into the DNA of your church
  7. Effectively raise & manage money
  8. Be intentional about discipleship & leadership development
  9. Develop measurable systems & structures to fulfill your vision
  10. Identify key leaders to execute the vision
  11. Think strategically & execute for results
  12. Persevere through difficulty in order to get to the next level

The six month training process is built around small cohorts of 2-5 planters being trained through one-to-one coaching relationships and peer-to-peer interaction. The planters work through six books and develop a series of strategic projects.

Join the Movement!

Our mission is to be a multiplying, revivalistic, missional family in the city for the world.

If you are a potential church planter and are interested in what it would look like to be trained through Grace City, please get in touch with us. We will guide you through your next steps. Our next CPX training cohort is being formed now! Email Dr. Tom Swanner at


About dbearley

Dr. Dave Earley is the Lead Pastor at Grace City Church in Las Vegas, NV. Prior to pastoring in Las Vegas, he taught at Liberty University for 5 years. Before Liberty University, Dave was the founding sr. pastor of the New Life Church of Gahanna-Columbus, Ohio. New Life started in his basement with 12 people and grew to nearly 2,000 in weekly attendance with over 100 small groups. ( New Life has intentionally sent out five healthy daughter churches since 1999. Dave, and his wife, Cathy, have three highly active sons, Daniel, Andrew, and Luke, who will all be graduating from Liberty University in May, 2011.
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